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Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur Cirebon

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Nasi Jamblang

Speaking of the typical culinary of Cirebon, definitely a lot of food there one that jamblang rice. Yup, the food wrapped in leaves of teak are the various side dishes plus a very affectionate when not tried. Moreover, when you are on the region it comes from. In Cirebon, very easy to find merchants who sell Jamblang rice. Start selling with rounds, opening a five-foot stall in the street, to the restaurant. One of the famous is the Mother of Nur jamblang rice in Street Cangkring No. 185 of Cirebon.

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The new Restaurant, which opened late in 2012. Its called Beautiful Nurlaili or commonly called by Nur. He pioneered this diner with her mother, also named Nur. Therefore, the Restaurant is called “Jamblang Rice Ibu Nur”.

Earlier he was selling about 2007. Nur said, yet the restaurant as it is now, still using the tents by the roadside. The location is not far from the restaurant. But then increased and customers not only come from the cirebonese, also from newcomers to Cirebon.


[wptabtitle]LOCATION & OPEN HOURS[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Type of Place : Restaurant

Cuisine : Indonesian Food, Traditional Food

Operating Hours : Daily, 07:00 am – 07:00 pm

Location : Cangkring Street No 185 Cirebon, Central Java


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According to the name of the restaurant, Nur only sell Jamblang rice. It offers a variety of side dishes to be eaten with Jamblang rice. There are 40 variations of toppings offered served in buffet. Ranging from vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, even of tempe and tofu.

The price he offered was for each variant of a side dish is very cheap. Ranging between Rp 1,000 and Rp 15,000 only the most expensive ones. “The price of Rp 1,000. It’s Satay potatoes, tempeh, tofu, to Rp 15,000 was the biggest squid, “said Nur.

One serving of rice is not expensive. Only Rp 1,000. The size of the rice is not much, just a small bowl. According to Nur, a lot of people say Jamblang rice is “his cat Cirebon rice”. His trademark, rice wrapped in leaves. It is not without reason. It wrapped the rice with teak leaf has its own history.

Nur said, once rice is the food the workers jambul builders road Anyer-Panarukan. Because at that time there hasn’t been a plate, then teak leaves are used as a base of rice.

“Typically leaves the wear jambul. Rice had made it right jambul ngasih packed the streets of Anyer Panarukan, Daendels-it loh. No dish so this share (teak leaves), “he said.

In addition, further Nur, using teak leaves as a wrapper of rice also make Jamblang rice durability. Can even last for 2 days. “The two days when wrapped this share could hold. There are porinya pore so make water content in rice was dry. Whose also different, “he said.

Almost every day the restaurant Nur full by the buyer. He said, if the day’s work, most visitors come during the meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But on weekends, restaurants that start at 7 to 11 nights, get busy one full day.


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Price Range : Rp 1.000 – Rp 15.000,-


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