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Sop Ayam Pak Min Klaten

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Sop Ati Ampela
Sop Ati Ampela

Located in the region of Surakarta and want to taste a warm, definitely the Chicken Soup recalled Pak Min. Braga sop chicken from Klaten area is now have a dozen branches in Yogyakarta, Solo, Sragen and Boyolali, Semarang and Purwokerto

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It’s been 50 years since this chicken soup is the effort and a sense of sopnya is also the same. After all this time do not taste the sop, we stopped at one of its branches in Solo.

View of the dining public is simple. The long benches and in the right corner there is a wagon for preparing chicken soup. On one side of the green-painted walls plastered photos of Pak Min and his wife.


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Type of Place : Restaurant

Cuisine : Traditional Food, Indonesian Food

Operating Hours : Mon – Sun 10:00 – 22:00

Location 1 : Jalan Mayor Kusmanto no. 23 Klaten

Location 2 : Jl. Brigjen Sudiarto No. 17 Gading Solo, Surakarta


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Kampoeng Chicken already cut up boiled, then smothered in gravy. Special for uritan (egg), already being in the Bowl-Bowl living watering with hot broth. List menu also not long. All parts of the chicken can be arranged depending on taste.

Can order soup, chicken soup, uritan (egg), pechok skin, chest, paws, haunches, tepong (upper thigh), head, wings and brutu (ass chicken). The price starts from Rp 5,000 to Rp. 15,000, depending on the selected part of the chicken. The cheapest rice chicken soup Rp. 5,000 and the most expensive soup rice chest penchok Rp. 15,000.

Do not imagine the style of chicken soup, which was given the stuffing carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and macaroni. Savory Chicken soup pak Min is very simple. Just cut the chicken meat plus marinade. Complement only just bawnag red and the coarse chopped celery leaves.

Served in a bowl of soup, chicken thighs (Rp. 11,000) served with steaming hot clear Brown broth. The Aroma of savory chicken broth smell directly. Chicken thighs cut into pieces so pieces. There are no traces of oil that was inundated in the surface.

Sluuurp! It feels really savory broth, just a very strong pepper taste accompanied by garlic. Presumably this is the simple seasoning mainstay Pak Min. similar to the savory Chicken soup Chinese style, minimalist. Precisely because it is the dominant flavor their broth tastes.

If the less fit and cold air are guaranteed will directly feels fresh sweaty because of the tonjokan the heat of the broth and warm pepper sting. To complement this chicken soup is available white rice. The rice was a bit of pera. So if soaked in hot gravy soup will taste bland.

With a little lime juice and chili sauce, gravy chicken soup is really delicious. Complementary side dishes are also available at each table. Fried tempeh and tofu bergedel. Tempe is tempe wrap small leaves and fried dry. Crispy savoury. Bergedel flat round him, knowing the subtle mixed with bean sprouts. Savory slightly crisp.

If chicken soup is usually a little soft so their meat bones easily removed. However, the chicken pieces in this savory soup Pak Min chicken quite a bit. This is because using free-range chicken. There is no layer of fat and need a little power to chew the meat a savory tasty free-range chicken.

Sweat began to melt can be muted with the ice lime or a glass of iced tea price is Rp 2,000. A hearty comfort food that is minimalist and sleek. No wrong if many people love this chicken soup. Let alone the most powerful chicken soup so flu antidote. Wow, very tasty!


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Price Range : Under IDR 30.000


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