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Japanese Passport

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Japanese passports are issued to Japanese citizens to travel outside Japan. All Japanese passports issued after March 20, 2006 are biometric passports.

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[wptabtitle] ELIGIBILITY / REQUIREMENT[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

The following documents are required to apply for a passport:

1. General passport application form issued IC passport creating machine not set up diplomatic missions abroad if you are applying for in the two copies)

  • Form is available from the same passport application window.

  • The application form is divided into two types of passport valid for ’10 and passport valid for five years. (Note) The person under the age of 20, you will not be able to apply for only a valid passport 5 years.

2. Family register one copy

  • Those created within six months before the application date.

3. For the person who is identifiable in the resident registry network system, (in principle no need one copy of copy 3. Residence Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications home page not required when please refer to.) to apply at. outside

  • Those created within six months before the application date.

4. (May require two leaves, if you want to apply abroad 1 leaf 4. Photograph For further specific application for passport photos )

Sample standards and passport photo

  • Without the edge of the vertical 45 mm × width 35 mm, photos (light color) no background.

  • Those taken within six months of the application date before.

  • The one that was facing the front with bare head, it is necessary that you meet the standards to chin is stated in the application form, such as a 34 ± 2mm from the top.

  • (Note the pen pressure so that character does not appear floating on the back) and fill in the name of the applicant on the back of the photograph. (Note)Please note irregularities to prevent the ink out also, so as not to blur the surface when you fill.

5. Documents can be sure that no doubt to 5. Applicant himself

(I will only original valid documents)

  1. Good document (abbreviated) at one point

  2. driver’s license, sailor notebook, such as photo Juki card

  3. (If you do not have documents 1.) Documents required two points

  4. each 1 point of B and A, or please show two points from A.

List of documents

A. Health insurance card, national health insurance card, mutual aid union card, insurance card sailor, old-old medical insurance card, national pension certificate (notebook), employees’ pension certificate, sailor insurance annuity certificate, pension certificate, mutual pension certificate, (in this case, seal you have registered is also required), such as seal registration certificate.

B. What is put in the next photo

credentials such as student ID, identification of companies, public authorities issued.

Align all the documents that are listed above, please apply at the passport office of the state that the resident registration.

Until the receipt by the applicant, (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) will take about a week usually.

(If unmarried person under the age of 20) minors apply

  • Guardian please sign or always (one or any of its parents) custody of the application form back to “legal representative signature” column.

  • If the guardian is living in a remote location or parental authority, signature can not be the application form, please submit a letter of intent with the signing of authorization from a parent or legal guardian himself.

  • If there are circumstances that can not be obtained the signature of the guardian or other person with parental authority, consult your state passport office.

For agency submission of application form

  • Even if you want to submit an application the applicant is a qualified representative of relatives, other spouse, a two-degree or closer, because there is a matter which the applicant himself must fill out the application form, on his or her entry , please apply by submitting the passport application window of each state along with the documents required for passport application.

  • Also agent, identification documents becomes necessary therefore, please bring.

  • In some cases, submitted by an agent is not observed. Consult your passport application window of each prefecture for more information. In addition, when you make an application form submitted by an agent, in the case in the passport application window, you are prompted for confirmation by the applicant in person, the applicant himself should go to the window.


[wptabtitle] PHOTOGRAPH GUIDELINE[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Since March 20, 2006 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started the issuance of IC passport. They have decided to change in accordance with international standard also standard passport photo submission at the same time as the introduction of the IC passport.

Standard change of passport application for photo

1. Change of (distance chin up (chin) from top) the length of the vertical face of (1) application for passport photos

With the introduction of IC passport, in accordance with international standard, was changed to (34 ± 2 millimeters) 70-80% of the vertical photos (45 mm) the length of the vertical face of the application for photo. Please note compared 56-64% photo standard conventional (27 ± 2 millimeters), the proportion of the face is now so big.

New standard in Figure passport application for photo

2. Other

With regard to the Additional considerations for passport photo is almost as before, including the following. Please see the picture below :

  • Was taken only the applicant’s principal

  • Was taken within 6 months

  • Front, no hat, no background

  • Length 45 mm × width 35 mm (no border)

  • Another possibility, even in black and white in color

  • (That is in focus) that it is a clear

  • That contrast and brightness is appropriate

  • Those without shadow

  • That it is not difficult to see that the boundary of the person and background

  • That light is not reflected in the lens of the glasses

  • (Eg, those teeth can be seen more than necessary to open the mouth, impossible) things that do not differ significantly from the facial appearance of normal

  • That it is not difficult to check the face sunglasses, such as bangs and mask and hide your eyes

  • Those that do not cover the hair with a hair band

  • Those that do not change color, those without scratches and dirt

  • The case of digital photography, that there is no (jagged pattern of step-like) jaggy

  • For digital photo using the picture special paper such that the quality is adequate

3. Volume of hair

Now, we have presented as an example if the volume of hair is extremely large, since it also applies if the hairstyle, such as the center of the hair is raised significantly,” Please perform the trimming. refer to the appropriate photo example that is described in the “Notice for passport photos for submission.

  • If from the side of the Q. photo, it would stick out (hair not included) face

In the case of round face, such as A. In the case of the infants, if the face does not fit within the breadth of the photograph as a (70% strength) 32 mm which is the minimum length of the face, photos face a whole, including the ear Please place it in a. In this case, it does not matter vertical without less than 32 mm.

Possible to prevent tampering and forgery of passport, and ensure the smooth traveling abroad of everyone of people, is part of efforts to speed up immigration, thank you for your cooperation and understanding of everyone.

  • Photos fitted with a contact lens to emphasize the outline of the eyes and color contact lenses Q.

When you verify your identity in immigration, etc. A. travel destination, color of eyes is an important point identification. If it is intended for this, passport photo is wearing the color contact lenses, may be have a doubt in immigration, etc., since it is not suitable as a passport photo, we ask the retake.

On the other hand, contact lenses to highlight the contours of the eyes ( Note : For. objects filled with brown) and also (black line to the edge of the contact lens no color), Eye Color itself is impressively In what looked like a big unchanged It becomes, but so far, may not have contact with the reported trouble and occurred in immigration like by use of the contact, and contact lenses to emphasize the contour of the pupil as a passport for Photography (Please note, however, if the use of this contact is subjected to questions, because in immigration, etc., it will be explained and response by the self-responsibility.) that are also accepted thing.


[wptabtitle] PASSPORT TYPE[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

1. The Blue Book: Normal Passport

  • Length of validity: 5 years

  • What: normal passport for business and tourism

  • Who: all Japanese citizens, both adults and children

  • Cost: ¥11,000 (¥6,000 for children under 11)

It’s often thought of as the “child’s” passport, as it’s the only passport (besides the Return to Japan Travel Document and the Emergency Passport) that can be possessed by minors. The reason for this is because children grow quickly and do not resemble their photo after a few years.

However, many Japanese adults, who only travel a few times in their lifetime, sometimes choose the blue passport, as it’s cheaper than the red one.

Similar to the re-entry permits for foreigners exiting and leaving Japan during their Status of Residence, it used to be possible to get a passport called a 一次旅券ichiji ryoken (one-time use passport), that was even cheap than the current blue one. This passport is no longer issued however. Both normal passports are considered to be 数次旅券sūji ryoken.

2. The Red Book: Long term normal passport

  • Length of validity: 10 years

  • What: normal passport for business and tourism

  • Who: Japanese citizen adults (20 years of age and over)

  • Combinations: May not possess simultaneously with blue, dark blue, or beige Japanese passports

  • Cost: ¥16,000

This is the passport that most people have today. Everything in the passport is written bilingually in English and Japanese, except for the last page.

The inside back cover has personal information which you should note in pencil. At the top your passport center will have written the 交付官庁kōfu kanchō (issuing authority) number — which will be 1300 for Shinjuku, Tokyo — and the 受理番号juri bangō (receiving number), which will probably be a five, six, or seven digit number.

3. The Beige Book: Travel Document for Return to Japan

  • Length of validity: usually less than a week
  • What: “passport” issued outside of Japan when
  • one’s regular passport has been lost, destroyed, or stolen
  • travel needs to be done to Japan almost immediately

Despite the above warnings about losing your passport while overseas, it does happen quite often to everybody that travels. It’s usually a traumatic event because usually along with your passport, you’ve lost your money and other identification as well.

Because you often don’t have any identification (because it’s been lost or stolen along with your passport) and you’re in a hurry to return, the pattern is to issue the travel document first without much interrogation, then when you arrive back in Japan with the travel document you will be extensively interviewed in a separate area in order to verify your identity.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lost an Official, a Diplomatic, or a regular passport; their is no difference in the replacement travel document you receive. To prevent illegal uses of your passport occurring without your knowledge, your previous passport will be voided and can’t be used again, even if you find it.

4. The Dark Blue Book: Emergency Passport

  • Length of validity: 1 year

  • What: passport issued outside of Japan when:

  • one’s regular passport has been lost, destroyed, or stolen

  • the IC chip MRP machine passport machine that makes is broken or unavailable

  • there is not enough time to wait for the machine to be fixed

  • travel must be done to another country besides Japan in less than 10 days

The emergency passport is given to those who are in a similar bad situation like the “Travel Document for Return to Japan” beige booklet mentioned above, but it is used for cases where the person does not need to go immediately back to Japan, but rather needs to go to another country first, and is time pressed.

Because there’s no RFID chip in the passport and there’s normally a chip in a Japanese passport, some countries that normally allow one to travel visa-free (visa-waiver program) may require you to apply for a visa to enter.

Most embassies and consulates for Japan are capable of issuing a proper replacement passport promptly, but you may get issued one of these if you’re in a non-major country, such as Slovenia or Iceland.

5. The Light Brown Book: Diplomatic Passport

  • Length of validity: length of the (usually single) mission; no set expiration date

  • What: passport issued to:

  • foreign ambassadors, consuls, and diplomats

  • minister level government officials and high level officials from the three branches of government (Minster of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister, etc)

  • royal family (except for the Emperor and Empress; by international convention, the constitutional head of states do not use or need, therefore do not possess, passports)

  • Combinations: may possess simultaneously with a regular passport

  • Restrictions: may not use for non-official business; use your regular passport for non-official travel and business.

The inside of a Diplomatic Passport is similar to an Official Passport in that your role and relationship to the government is on the first page. It lacks the legal warnings on the last page that are on the normal red and blue passports.

6. The Green Book: Official Passport

  • Length of validity: Length of mission + approximately 6 months

  • Cost: free (often called the “no-fee passport”)

  • Combinations: may possess simultaneously with regular passport

  • Restrictions: many; the first page lists your purpose and who sent you, and the countries the passport is valid for is explicitly listed. You must use your regular passport for non-official travel and business.

An official passport is one that is given to public servants and government workers for the performing of official duties while overseas. While the passport may be mistaken for a diplomatic passport, it actually affords the holder no extra privileges beyond what a regular passport offers. The only possible privilege one receives is that you’re very unlikely to be denied entry into the country, because the passport was created for a (or a few) specific countries for a specific job.


[wptabtitle] PASSPORT COST [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Type of passport

State revenue certificate stamp (Note 1)

Revenue stamp


Passport valid for 10 years (20 years)

2,000 yen

14,000 yen

16,000 yen

Passport valid for five years (12 years)

2,000 yen

9,000 yen

11,000 yen

Passport valid for five years (12 years)

2,000 yen

4,000 yen

6,000 yen (Note 2)

  • Age is determined the “Law on age calculation” by the (No. 50 in 1902 legislation). According to this law, age is added 1 year old the day before the birthday, it will be 12 years old on the day before the birthday of the 12th. For this reason, reduced measures of fees, and applies to those who before the birthday of the 12th we were filed an application by Day.

  • In some countries and regions, there are times when it is provided with a remaining validity period of the passport needed to enter the country or visa at the time of application. Please check enough validity period of passport.

  • (Note 1) Depending on the state, because there is just going to the cash payment, please contact the passport application window you are planning to apply.

  • (Note 2) issuance fee of the person under the age of 12 will be reduced.


[wptabtitle] INTERVIEW REQUIREMENT [/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


[wptabtitle] INTERVIEW OFFICES[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


[wptabtitle] DAMAGED PASSPORT[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]


[wptabtitle] LOST / STOLEN PASSPORT[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

 What to do if you have lost your most recent passport or had it stolen. First, please submit a report of the loss of an article on the application window of each prefecture to then, a report to the police station.

1. Report to the police station

 If not get to the issue of (the documents you have to issue the documents to prove that the conduct the notification of the loss or theft of the passport police station jurisdiction, and subjected to the same report, each in Japan the application window of state, please consult with Japanese embassy or consulate general nearest Overseas.).

 2. Then, a report to the passport application window

 Then, the application window of each prefecture, (photo of the same size as the passport (4.5 × 3.5 centimeters)), residents 1 leaf photos “lost general passport etc. Notification Form” in the diplomatic missions of the nearest abroad in Japan (only necessary in Japan, Note reference) one copy copy of the vote I will report with one copy of documents proving report lost or stolen issued by the police station. At that time, guests are required to present the identification documents such as driver’s license. This notification, lost passport will expire.

 When the notification of loss, theft, destroyed in a Note in Japan, those who copy of residence is required

  • Who has been a resident registration in municipalities that have not started the operation of the network system of the Basic Resident Register

  • Those who do not wish to use the same network system

  • (In this case, support will vary depending on the state, please check with your application window for details.) How to be filed in the state of school. Etc. bachelor destination that is not a resident registration

3. If the new passport is required

“General passport issuance application form”, if you want to apply at. Overseas (4.5 × 3.5 cm 1 leaf photo, may have to be two leaves in the diplomatic missions of some, each diplomatic mission from the following “foreign embassies” link you will be please check in), have you applied for a new passport by submitting along with the identification documents of the driver’s license, etc., one copy family register謄(Extract) book, but Japan is in a hurry to lose your passport abroad If you need to return to, that you have issued a “travel document for return home” instead of passport is also possible. In (overseas, if you want to get a new passport and “travel document for return”, for proof of identity matters and nationality, which was created within six months (application date before family register謄(Extract) this For the application of.) passport Please note, for more information, “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that regard) is necessary documents normally required for application procedures for passport at home and abroad on the reference, to apply for a ” state application point of contact and diplomatic missions abroadshould check with.

Keep the passport is not a one-time, and that it may lost or stolen passport will be exploited by others, travel from over. Be careful not to lose at the time of moving in particular.

Documents normally required for passport application in domestic and international

Passport destination State website

Overseas embassies


[wptabtitle] LANGUAGES[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Japanese passports are entirely printed in both Japanese and English, except for the note of caution that is found at the end of the passport (e.g. on page 51 of the ten-year biometric ordinary passport), which is only printed in Japanese. This note contains information about what the bearer should know when encountering various situations in a foreign country.

The surname, given name and other personalized mentions (like registered domicile) are only indicated in Latin uppercase letters. Japanese names are in principle transcribed according to the Hepburn romanization system, but exceptions are admitted in certain cases, notably when the name is thekatakana transcription of a foreign name (Japanese spouse or Japanese child of a foreigner), in which case the original spelling of the name in the Latin alphabet may be used, only if you submit the official document with the original spelling issued by the government (passport etc.).

The signature may be written in any language and in any spelling the individual desires.


[wptabtitle] REFERENCES[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]




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