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Portugal is a country United Republic. It is located in Western Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, in fact, nagara was located to the West of Europe. Republic of Portugal retains sovereignty over the islands of the Azores and Madeira in the Atlantic, which is an autonomous region of Portugal.


Portugal is a country located in southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, located on the Western tip of Europe with Spain. With geographic and cultural letakl are unique and interesting. Portugal is rich in culture and charm, natural beauty with the bustling urban centre and the beautiful countryside. The country offers a wide variety of landscapes, because there is in the position of the North-South along the western coast of the Iberian Peninsula. You can travel in one day from the green mountains in the North, which are covered with vineyards and all kinds of trees in the mountainous, with steep slopes and spectacular region of Alentejo and finally to the glamorous beach vacation with destination Algarve. Climate, combined with investment in infrastructure of Golf in the last few years, also have transformed the country into a haven for golfers. Portugal recently dubbed with the name ‘ best country the purpose of Golf 2008 ‘ by the readers of golfers, a publication of the United Kingdom. Fourteen of course Portugal ranked in the top 100 of the best in Europe. If you want to enjoy the view of the European landscape, culture, and way of life, Portugal is a very good place to visit.


Accommodation in Portugal including pretty good, when compared to other Western European countries. In almost every city, you can find a guesthouse or small hotel offers lodging with simple room double or Twin room for € 40, although you will pay more if staying in the Algarve Resort in summer, in the mountains in winter, or year-round in Lisbon.

For upscale lodging, you can be pampered with a super classy lodging by selecting a few of the beautiful manor house and a convenient Hotel Chain known as pousadas, historic buildings or located in places with natural beauty. Even in winter you should not have much trouble finding a place in most areas in the city and towns in portugal, although the best place is in the city of Lisbon and the Algarve.


If you go to portugal, you are obligated to visit its beautiful monuments and enjoy the incredible views, all in the city of Porto and Lisbon, Sintra, and all of them are worth a visit.

Although in Portugal many monuments that are too much for the Tour, one of which is not less interesting is finding the old Romanic churches, some nearly 900 years old and has remained unchanged since that time. The old monasteries like Alcobaça or luxurious palaces such as the Mafra or Queluz.

The most popular beaches are in the Algarve, which has a stunning coastline and spectacular natural beauty. The water along the South Coast tend to be warmer and calmer than water along the West Coast. Very good for surfing, or just playing in the waves of the great beaches along the West Coast, near Lisbon and Peniche.

For nightlife of Porto and Lisbon, Albufeira, Algarve is the best choice because you have the places of entertainment.

If you want to spend your vacation in the countryside, you may want to visit Viana do Castelo, Chaves, Miranda do Douro, Douro Valley, Lamego, Tomar, Castelo Branco, Leiria, Guarda, Portalegre, Évora, Elvas or even Viseu.

And even if you want to observe wildlife in its natural state, Madeira and the Azores Archipelago is a place to remember, not forgetting of course Natural Reserve of Peneda-Gerês, Douro Valley and the Serra da Estrela.

Airport, Bus, Train Station

Flying to Portugal
Portugal’s national airline is TAP Air Portugal (TP) ( which runs direct flights from London and New York to Portugal, as well as from other UK cities. Alternative airlines flying to Portugal from the UK include British Airways ( and easyJet ( Prices tend to increase in July and August.

By train
Rail travel in Portugal is usually slightly faster than travel by bus, but services are less frequent and cost more. The immediate areas surrounding Lisbon and Porto are reasonably well-served by suburban rail services.

The rail connections between the main line of Portugal, i.e. between Braga and Faro are good. The Alfa-Pendular (fast) trains are comfortable, first class is excellent. The Alfa-Pendular train stops only at main cities stations and often requires advance reservations,(recommended) between Braga, Porto, Gaia, Aveiro, Coimbra, Lisbon and Faro.

Intercity trains will take you to further destinations, specially in the interior, such as Guimarães, Évora, Beja, Covilhã and Guarda.

By bus
Unfortunately the rail network is limited, so you may find yourself using buses to get anywhere off the beaten path. Rede Expresso is one of the largest inter-city bus companies.

Lisbon and Porto, the two largest urban cities, have a clean modern and air-conditioned metro systems (underground/subway and light railway).

Road traffic in Lisbon and Porto is pretty congested all day round and gets completely stuck in the rush hours, at least in the main roads to exit or enter the city. Car travel is the most convenient or only method to reach areas outside the main cities, however (car rental is not too expensive, but the associated insurance is – unless you book the total package abroad). Heed the advice about the quality of some people’s driving skills mentioned below.

Generally speaking, Portugal is not a good country for hitchhiking. In the deserted country roads in the South, you might wait for many hours before you are offered a ride. Try to speak with people on gas stations or parking lots, etc. Drivers tend to be suspicious, but when you show them that they should not be afraid, they will probably accept you and mostly also show their generosity. Try to look neat and clean. The hippy style will get you nowhere. As with everywhere in the world, two males hitch-hiking together will not get a ride from anyone.


There are several types of exhibitions in portugal, especially in the summer, especially in a city just north of Portugal. During the summer, music festivals are also very common. In the North of the country, two of the oldest such Festival Paredes de Coura and Vilar de Mouros.

The selected areas for feasts is mostly surrounded by the beautiful landscapes and villages. In the South, the most famous is the Festival do Sudoeste. To the West is the summer landscape views that never ends.

Food & Beverages

Portuguese cuisine evolved from delicious meals that are taken from the land by farmers, beach seafood galore. The cows, pigs and goats are raised in large grazing.

From the origins of this very simple, spices were brought back to the country for the exploration and colonization of the East Indies and East that help in the form of which is considered as a typical Portuguese cuisine, ‘ ‘ the opposite also helped shape the dishes in areas under the influence of Portuguese, from Cape Verde to Japan.

The soup was the first important trip to traditional Portuguese food history. The most popular are the specialties of Minho, caldo verde, made from kale, potatoes and spiced sausages, smoked. You can sample the finest vinho verde namely soup. In many places, especially near the seashore, you can find food fun which always varies with fish soup, sometimes so thick and it had to be eaten with the help of a fork.

Getting Around

Getting around towns and cities:
To get around the city of portugal you can use the Metropolitano de Lisboa operates the subway system in Lisbon, while tram and bus Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa (Carris) also provides an efficient way to get around.

The suburban rail lines, which are operated by the Portuguese Railways, useful to shorten the distance between the cities to be closer in portugal with the integrated system and the Transtejo ferries ply the Tagus. Porto also have subways (Metro de Porto), trams and buses. Taxis are also widely available in both cities, like the rest of other countries in Europe.


Portugal is really an area that is safe for mberkunjung. There were no clashes, no threats related to terrorism and serious offence, because it also is usually limited to different environments and almost never there is any infringement.

Even so, there are some aspects in the cities of Lisbon and Porto that you might also have to avoid, as in any large area, particularly at night. In addition, you may want to consider that there are pickpockets frequently operate by taking goods to tourists and also frequently visited tourist sites with greater frequency.

In the subway Train locomotives or even trying to sit down and avoid the empty train. Violence and pickpockets will breach most common and always mngincar almost all bags (purses, gear, buy a bag, etc.) You may have to be vigilant.


Shopping in Portugal:
For the purpose of shopping in Portugal has a great selection of shopping centres. With a variety of choices, you can choose with your heart You barabg that you want to buy at a price that varies. Thanks to a mix of ethnic diversity inherent in countries you can buy rug Arraiolos, jewelry and unique characteristic of Madeira. There is also a thriving lace-making industry at Vila do Conde with Porto, Coimbra beyond plays as host to a ceramic blue and white.

If you have a tendency to go shopping, you can go to the Algarve to purchase enchanting lantern or outdoor furniture. The jewel in this country is the leather industry, which is centered around Lisbon.



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