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The ice-covered area, cozy cottages, nature clean, rocky islands, breeders and knowledge of any kind sweden.



Sweden is a Scandinavian nation of thousands of islands coastal denghan, inland lakes, forests and mountains. Its main town, East of the capital Stockholm and the southwestern Gothenburg and Malmö, is all at sea. Stockholm is home to the Kingdom and all kinds of castles, gardens and Museums such as Skansen open. With the old city of the 13th century, Gamla Stan, is located on the Islands are joined by bridges and ferries.



In Sweden there are accommodations in all shapes and sizes. Relax on beds of ice or get nice views from the bed and in a tree house. Ever wondered how it feels to sleep behind bars? Do some holiday like in a 19th-century authentic. Live like a King in the countryside or in a monastery from 1420.

Sweden is a high standard of living and we don’t mind sharing the wealth. You will find plenty of excellent hotels in all price categories or if you prefer to stay at guesthouse more simply or camp site to a variety of options that will make you will be impressed.



Adventure and sport is the natural seasonal activities in Sweden. In spring and summer in the North of Sweden Lapland and slow in the middle and South of Sweden. Golfers might love to play in some of the best golf courses in Europe in the southern province of Halland and Skåne whereas the ski slopes in the North still open properly.

Sweden, in the winter you can enjoy skiing, ice skating, ice sports, winter sports and other up and coming spring/summer you can find West Coast with kayak, hike trails in the National Park Abisko in Lapland and Sweden take a holiday rafting of timber in the province of Värmland.

Airport, Bus, Train Station


The particular Arlanda Convey prepare functions via Arlanda Air port to/from Stockholm Middle Station every single 15 minute. during the day. The particular journey moment is only 20 minute. One-way ticket is SEK 260. Circular vacation ticket SEK 490. Young children in order to get older 7 journey cost-free; age ranges 8-25, SEK 130, students/senior citizens SEK 130. A surcharge is pertinent whenever acquiring your own ticket on board this prepare.

The particular airport train station is usually offered through long-distance mainline track products and services, such as night locomotives for the on the land.

Sweden has a highly effective track network spanning the full land. Readers journey effortlessly and easily along the countryside with most of Europe’s most modern locomotives. 1st and second-class automobiles can be purchased. Upon for a longer time visits, couchettes and slumbering automobiles services are provided. Couchettes inside subsequent school can be purchased with several routes, as an illustration Stockholm-Kiruna-Narvik (Norway).

Swedes makes use of their own community travelling usually. There are numerous varieties of deals accordning in order to just about every city’s shuttle bus, community or even tram method. They’re typically acquired inside kiosks or even facts stores.



For a year, Sweden has all sorts of events and happenings. To find out what, when and where these events took place, please select the month of your interest.

12 July 2014 – 13 July 2014
TaubeSpelen – Music Festival

23 May 2015
GoteborgsVarvet Half Marathon

23 May 2015
Gran Fondo Stockholm – cycling

23 May 2015 – 24 May 2015
Sweden International Tattoo

29 May 2015 – 31 May 2015

06 June 2015
National Day

12 June 2015 – 13 June 2015

19 June 2015
Midsummer Eve/Solstice Celebrations

21 June 2015 – 28 June 2015
Volvo Ocean Race

22 June 2015 – 28 June 2015
Bergman week

Food & Beverages


Sweden cuisine is the cuisine of the indigenous people of Sweden in ancient times. Because of the vastness of the territory of the country of Sweden that covered between a large North-South, there is a difference between the regional cuisine of Northern and southern Sweden.

Historically, in the far North, meat dishes such as deer, and some of which have their roots in the cultural melting pot, while fresh vegetables have played a larger role in the South. Many traditional dishes employ simple, contrasting flavors, such as traditional dishes and chocolate cream sauce meatballs with lingonberry jam, sharp acid (a little like in taste the cranberry sauce).

Sweden has traditionally been very open to foreign influences, ranging from French cuisine during the 17th and 18th century, sushi and café latte today.

Getting Around


Getting around Sweden is simple. Decide to choose from several airlines, teaches, ferries, vehicle or use auto.

But you may need to deal with big miles (mainly in Northern Sweden), this country’s Rails community really work as well as extensive. Secure, contemporary teaching was created to deal with a lot of weather.

Highways and roads are usually quite clear with only intercontinental traffic criteria, and well managed. Often the only real traffic you will need to be aware of the occasional deer or elk cross the road!

Traveling by water can become a successful alternative because the program is well developed on the regional airfields throughout the region.

Many of the pool, Sweden objectives as well as the Canal is usually joined with only a comprehensive community regarding the boat channel, vintage Steamboat, as well as the ferry-large and smaller.



Sweden is the most dependable of the State, where people do not think about what basic safety problems in Sweden, given that they can take advantage of safeness tips and also makes sense. Crime in Sweden that are generally lower than in many countries of Europe and also won’t find health hazard in Sweden.



Sweden is where the big department stores are. Yippee. Everything under one (actually three) roofs – a lazy shopper’s paradise.

  • A great unofficial national symbol, the Dala Horse (Swedish: dalahäst) will be the memento of mementos to create by Sweden. Called right after the origin, the land of Dalarna, these modest wood farm pets are all around considering that the 17th one hundred year. They’re normally colored lime as well as azure having shaped decorations. They’re fairly costly: expect to shell out all around SEK 100 for any really small 1 as well as many number of crowns pertaining to greater types. The farm pets are available throughout memento stores all over Sweden. If you need to find out about how precisely precisely the farm pets are designed, visit Dalarna and the municipality of Mora in which the farm pets are usually wood along with colored throughout classes open up pertaining to visitors. If traveling towards Mora by Stockholm, maintain face open up once you pass the town of Avesta in which the globe’s greatest (13 meters high) Dala Indy overlooks the highway.
  • Swedish wine glass can be renowned for its beauty. A number of qualified wine glass performers have got led to the reputation through innovative, complex (and expensive) artwork works of art, yet mass-produced Swedish table wine glass in addition has already been a major international achievement. Part of the land of Småland, relating to the villages of Växjö along with Kalmar, is known as the Empire of Crystal. 15 glassworks are usually loaded straight into that modest area, by far the most well known being Orrefors, Kosta along with Boda. Tourists are usually pleasant to view the wine glass blowers switch the shining burn straight into glittering wine glass, and you may also check it out for oneself.
  • Swedish layout, comprising by furniture in order to jewelry, is famous pertaining to functionality, performance along with minimalism. Designtorget is a string of shops having a wide range of day-to-day products. Svenskt Tenn can be an additional store having lovely goods by creative designers for example Josef Honest.



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