Monday, July 4th, 2016

Soto Betawi Haji Halim – Jakarta

Soto Betawi Haji Halim presents typical betawi soto located in the bamboo pandok rawamangun jakarta. The stall is already famous in this area because of the delicacy of the dish. With a distinctive flavor that is typical sopnya gravy scented because it uses a mixture of fresh cow’s milk in the manufacturing process.


Soto Betawi Haji Halim stalls in the front of the restaurant there is a showcase, a place to put a variety of stuffing soto betawi. Also various complement such as tomato and French fries. While next to it there is an impressive array of glass jars containing a variety of candied fruit.

The place is very clean and comfortable for you to dine here. Because of the masakanannya that has been famous for making this restaurant is always crowded by visitors, there are also coming from out of town just to eat here.

Type Of Place: Restaurant
Cuisine: Western, Indonesian
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10:00-22:00
Location: Jl. Pahlawan Revolution, Duren Sawit, Pondok Bambu

Food & Drinks

Food menu that is served here is not much, it’s just the most famous is the typical betawinya soto. But generally the foods served include choice of soto Betawi, satay, fried dishes and stews, while for his drink contained a selection of juices and soft drinks.




For the service here is pretty good and friendly because the owner instantly that will serve you, so you can also ask questions about the history of this House. Sometimes the food prices here are also very affordable for those of you who are looking for good food at a bargain price, which is around Rp. 30.00 for 1 serving soto betawi.


Soto Betawi Haji Halim, East Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia


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