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AVIA TOUR – Indonesia

AVIA TOUR is the official travel agent of the great and trusted in Indonesia with more than 15 years experience and thousands of loyal customers. We always provide the best service to its customers by delivering the experience of unforgettable excursions. We are always sure can serve you for all purposes of the Tour, Ticket, Passport, Visa, Hotel, Cruise and more.


We are always moving towards towards better service from year to year. Always pay attention to aspects of our satisfaction with the customers and also attempt to provide an unforgettable experience for visiting with us.

The range of services already available on This Tour. among others is the Outbound Tour Program around the world, Domestic, Inbound & Tour Incentive Program that can adjust to your needs, meeting, Conference, Exhibition, & international and domestic Tickets, airline ticket reservations both international and domestic, international and doestik hotel reservation, send an individual package with all the convenience, the pengririman document. are all the services dissediakan for the convenience and comfort of its customers.

Conveniently located in the city centre, well known and has been an international standard travel agent, with professional and friendly staff. make you feel comfortable in the company’s service options mementukan iniKurang more for fifteen years avia tour experience in travel and create excellent ties with a variety of local and international flights.

Supported by a computer system that has been directly connected to all the major airlines and provides flight with quick access to the rest of the world, hotel reservations, car rentals and other tourism services. Avia tour also provides general information about your destination such as weather conditions, holidays, and even airports/transportation of the city. Computer-based ticketing system. change of travel plans.

The technology used is as follows:
• ABACUS and GALILEO’S Computerized reservation system for reservation and ticketing worldwide operationals
• ARGA reservation system for Garuda Indonesia Airlines reservation operationals
• Amadeus GDS system worldwide Airline ticket, Hotel, car reservations.
• Already supported with comprehensive management reports that help you in identifying your travel expenses on a monthly basis. It integrates cost airline tickets and hotels so memdahkan you do travel expenditure management.

•    Iata (International Air Transport Association)
•    ASTINDO (Association Of Companies Selling Agent Airline Tickets)
•    ASITA (The Tour Operator Association Of Indonesia)

PATA (The Pacific Area Travel Association)

Head Office

Avia Head Office
Jl. Bungur Besar No. 45
Jakarta 10160 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 422 3838, 422 3888
F. (+62-21) 421 5026, 421 5066
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (08.30-16.30)
Saturday (08.30-13.30)


Avia Panglima Polim
Jl. Panglima Polim Raya No. 100
Jakarta Selatan 12160 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 7279 0989 / 0763
F. (+62-21) 725 0565.
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (08.30-16.30)
Saturday (08.30-13.30)

Avia Mal Kelapa Gading
Mal Kelapa Gading 1 Ground Floor #168
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M
Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta 14240 INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 452 9528
F. (+62-21) 453 3487
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (09.30-22.00)
Saturday-Sunday (10.00-22.00)

Avia Gandaria City
Gandaria City 2nd Floor #255
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 2900 8066
F. (+62-21) 2900 8063
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (09.00-21.00)
Saturday-Sunday (10.00-21.00)

Avia Cibubur
Cibubur Times Square
Ruko Madison Blok B1 No. 2
Jl. Raya Transyogi Km 3
Cibubur 17435 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 8430 2493
F. (+62-21) 8430 2494
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (09.00-17.00)
Saturday (09.00-14.00)

Avia Emporium Pluit Mal
Emporium Pluit Mal Lt.2 Unit. 23
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya
Jakarta Utara 14440 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 666 76684 / 666 76706
F. (+62-21) 666 76705
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (09.00-21.00)
Saturday-Sunday (09.30-21.30)

Avia Summarecon Mal Serpong
Summarecon Mal Serpong
Ground Floor – 218A
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15810 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 2931 0386
F. (+62-21) 2931 0387
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (09.00-21.00)
Saturday-Sunday (10.00-21.00)

Avia Summarecon Mal Bekasi
Summarecon Mal Bekasi Ground Floor #136
Jl. Bulevar Achmad Yani Blok M
Bekasi 17142 – INDONESIA
P. (+62-21) 2957 2397
F. (+62-21) 2957 2396
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (09.00-22.00)
Saturday-Sunday (10.00-22.00)

Avia ThePlaza
ThePlaza Office Tower Level 20 #F1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350 – INDONESIA
P. (+62 21) 2992 0068
F. (+62 21) 2992 8023
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Friday (08.30-17.30)
Saturday (08.30-13.30)

Avia Central Park Mall
Central Park Mall LG #L-222
Jl.Let.Jend.S.Parman Kav.28
Jakarta 11470
P. (+62-21) 2970 2888/2920 0478
F. (+62-21) 2920 0479
E. [email protected]

Operational Hour:
Monday-Saturday (09.00-22.00)
Sunday (10.00-22.00)

Jl. Bungur Besar Raya, South Gunung Sahari, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia


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